Controlling Brake Temperature – Cool Matters

Check out this article in Stock Car Racing magazine about how important it is to keep your brakes cool. The article highlights several cooling options but none of them are as cheap and as effective as Ultra Cool Brake Fans. However, this article is very informative and should help racers to understand the importance of keeping your brakes as cool as possible.

Control Your Brake Temps For Better Performance When The Action Gets Hot
From the February, 2009 issue of Stock Car Racing
By Jeff Huneycutt

We all know that the brakes on your race car-and even your passenger car, for that matter-work by converting kinetic energy into heat. In layman’s terms, that means heat from friction created by the brake pads clamping against the spinning rotor.

The downside, of course, is that excess heat can damage many components in the braking system. Too much heat causes brake fluid to boil. When this happens, pockets of air are introduced into the brake lines, causing a mushy pedal and reduced braking performance. Other penalties include warped and cracked rotors, leaking oil seals in the calipers, and glazed brake pads. Finally, excess heat from brakes can also cause handling problems that often baffle beginning racers. A cherry-red rotor can heat the air inside the surrounding tire and cause greater-than-expected air pressure. Usually, the overworked brakes are on the front of the car, so the car mysteriously gains a push about halfway through a race that wasn’t there during practice (when the driver wasn’t pushing the car as hard or as long).


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