A Better Way to Cool Your Brakes…

Ultra Cool Brake Fans have been race tested and proven to help you keep your brakes cooler on the track. All racers know that cooler brakes allow race teams to save money by saving their rotors and brake pads. Ultra Cool Brake Fans are also less likely to be damaged in on-track action since they sit securely within the wheel.

Benefits of Ultra Cool Brake Fans

Total Cooling Solution

The only product on the market that cools the wheel side of the caliper


Unique design allows racer to double stack fans for added air flow

Flow More Air

Pumps much more CFM than conventional brake blowers

Save Your Brakes

Makes rotors and brake pads last longer

Save Weight

Weighs much less than conventional brake ducts and blowers

Save Money

Less expensive than conventional brake ducts, hoses, and blowers

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